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But, to link these encounters to a living giant short-faced bear we need proof. Elliot Clark fired a shotgun at a bear that attacked his uncle and grandfather while the family was on a fishing trip near Juneau, Alaska. Most called the grizzly bear "grandfather," others "old man" or "elder brother." Secondly, with its long limbs the short-faced bear would have had a different appearance than a typical brown bear, one which does not match the description given by locals. The facts are a little different from the original eRumor, but the pictures do record the results of a true hunt and are real. Based on its size and speed it seems the short-faced bear was equipped to prey on just about anything it wanted, but this is actually a matter up for debate. Head to Mitchell Bay, Hood Bay, White… I think Mr. This meant it was a hunter that used its impressive list of physical credentials to take down prehistoric horses, deer, bison, and other large prey items. The versions of the eRumor that claims the bear was a killer and was shot by a forest service employee or was a killer and human remains were found in his stomach, are false. I ran through my mental checklist, “Safety off, round chambered, finger on the trigger and relax.” Now was not the time to make errors. What played through my head in slow motion seemed endless, but in reality was over in a fraction of seconds. This wasn’t just a spur of the moment decision. The Admiralty Island a.k.a. “Are you ready,” I asked. So, considering its tremendous size and physical attributes, if it were still around how could we miss it? Examples of MacFarlane’s Bear are still occasionally sighted in Canada and Alaska, and the possibility that this is a unique species is still on the table. He disappeared into the Wrangle Mountains to the north east. They followed it to Tsaagwaa Mtn and got permission from the Tlingit tribe to go on ancestral land where no Tlingit had been in 400 years and no outsider had ever been. The boar dropped in his tracks. If people came to North America even sooner, they certainly would have contended with this Pleistocene monster. The photos first appeared at the website hunting-pictures.com. Coastal forests of massive Sitka spruce and … The temperate rainforests of Admiralty Island's Kootznoowoo Wilderness are unique among the 5,700,000 acres of federally protected Wilderness in Southeast Alaska. With interests in science and nature, I explores topics from a unique and sometimes controversial perspective. The examples of MacFarlane’s Bear and Bergman’s Bear show, at the very least, that unusual bears exist out there in the world. The gargantuan paw appeared first through the tall shoots, followed by the massive, robust cranium. Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting. ANIMAL PLANET In a two-hour “Monster Week” special, veteran wildlife conservationist Bradley Trevor Greive leads an elite team into uncharted Alaskan wilderness in search of Grandfather – a bear locals believe is the largest to ever roam the earth. Mark Twain — 'Faith is believing what you know ain't so.'. In the early 1980’s, Kootznoowoo made selections in the vicinity of Chomondeley Sound on the cast side of Prince of Wales Island. A later version says the photo is of a forest service worker and also includes a picture of an alleged bear attack victim and says the bear had been responsible for several human deaths in Alaska and was the largest bear ever recorded. The original pictures lacked the label linking them with hunting-pictures.com, but that is where the pictures reside. The Truth: These photos actually show a giant bear that was killed in Alaska. When first learning about Arctodus Simus it is only a matter of time before you begin to wonder what would have happened if ancient humans crossed paths with this enormous predator. And his last appearance was in the episode "Pied Piper Little Bear". My attention focused back on the crosshairs of my riflescope. He also noted footprints larger than what he’d expect from local bears. Whether they are new species, relic ancient species or simply misidentified known species is another matter. Using its size to intimidate, the short-faced bear would have chased other predators such as Smilodon and the American lion away from their kills. The world record for Alaskan brown bear has stood for 75 years. Description The indigenous people of SE Alaska, the Tlingit, know Admiralty Island by the name Kootznoowoo, the "Bear Fort" or "Fortress of the Bears". It was a bear that was taken in 1952 on Kodiak Island, Alaska by Roy Lindsley. There are many unofficial reports of brown bears with whopping proportions. Jim Urban recounted the kill on a blog site called Black Bear Heaven back in 2003. While plausible, this explanation isn’t bullet-proof. However, while unfortunate early humans may have been occasional prey, they were also competition. As Bergman speculated, the bear he examined likely belongs to a unique, possibly physically larger, subspecies of the modern brown bear. During its day the short-faced bear was a nightmare for any prey or competitor unlucky enough to cross its path. The absolute best place to see brown bears is on Admiralty Island National Monument. Zoologist Clinton Hart Merriam proposed this was a new species and named it Vetularctos inopinatus, the Ancient Unexpected Bear. When we think of modern grizzlies and polar bears their size is staggering, but this prehistoric monster was bigger still. Such a creature is known as a Lazarus Taxon. I am researching his story. Kodiak brown bear (Nat Geo Archives) If you can get past the concept that all grizzlies are brown bears, but not all brown bears are grizzlies—a source of great confusion to some—there is an opportunity to learn about the most wide-ranging species of bear in the world, and one of the most wide-ranging mammals on Earth. Alaskan Brown Bears. "Fear Island" aka Kootznoowoo aka Admiralty Island aka остров страха. Some suggest this subspecies may now be extinct, while others think it might still be alive in areas of Kamchatka cordoned off by the military. It lived at a time when the dire wolf, the American lion and the saber-toothed cat known as Smilodon prowled the landscape. Many researchers believe the expansion of human hunting throughout the Americas likely led to the extinction of North America’s large animals at the end of the last ice age. Humans, as well as the evolution of smaller brown bears, likely played a role in the demise of the short-faced bear. What makes some people think it is still with us anyway? It showed no aggression at all. Frequently Asked Questions. And the island's singular permanent community, Angoon, can only be accessed by plane or ferry. The bear was nicknamed Grandfather. For one, Arctodus lived in North America and is not known in Asia. So how big was this bear anyway? In other words, for at least a couple of thousand years, maybe more, humans and Arctodus shared the continent. However, given that grizzly bears occupy remote areas of North America, it isn’t hard to imagine a huge prehistoric bear lurking in the dark of the North. Indeed, Admiralty Island is home to the highest concentration of brown bears in the world; more than all the Lower 48 states combined. It was shipped off to the Smithsonian Institute, where it was later examined and determined to be something other than a brown bear. Giant Short-faced Bear Arctodus Simus Compared to Human, By Dantheman9758 [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons. And grizzlies walk … Biologists dismiss this notion for a couple of reasons. Until then, we are left with the legacy of one of the most impressive prehistoric carnivores ever to live in North America and interesting stories of alleged short-faced bear sightings in modern times. Known as the God Bear, this creature is said to have a unique appearance and a massive frame. The eRumor says the bear was killed on Hitchenbrook Island by an airman stationed at Elmendorf. Great show. In 1972 a young hippy spent a few days at a village near Yakutat. Back in 1920, zoologist Sten Bergman examined a pelt alleged to have come from one such animal, and believed that it was a subspecies of brown bear unlike those known in the area. He says the bear did not stand up then drop down and charge. The sound of Ted’s heavy breathing was the only thing fading out the dull drum of my now sunken heart. Some of the eRumors include pictures of mangled human remains alleged to have been one of the bear’s victims. Do alleged short-faced bear sightings mean this prehistoric bear is still alive today? Each step closer the bear inched, I felt more compelled to renege on my agreement with Ted, and kill the bear myself. The surrounding waters are home to all five species of Pacific salmon, which spawn in July and August. I see what you are saying though, but I think an animal like a mountain lion might be a better example of a common large mammal rarely seen. The Kodiak bear (Ursus arctos middendorffi) is found in the Kodiak Archipelago islands of southwestern Alaska.It is the largest subspecies of brown bear and one of the two largest members of the bear family, the other being the polar bear.. 3. He wanted to commune with bears. It says the bear was 12 1/2 feet long and weighed an estimated 1600 pounds. Adult male polar bears might weigh around 1,200 pounds, and the heaviest on record weighed in at just over 2,200 pounds. The boar stepped closer. Grandfather Veteran wildlife conservationist Bradley Trevor Grieve leads an elite team into the uncharted Alaskan wilderness in search of Grandfather, a bear locals believe is … A bear standing almost as tall as a regulation NBA basketball backboard is beyond terrifying. Summary of eRumor: Emails show photos of a giant bear that was supposedly killed in Alaska by a park ranger after eating three hikers. Some 1,800 brown bears inhabit its twisted and folded terrain. Along the Seymour Canal coastline, there is an average of one eagle nest every mile. Visitors camp on nearby Windfall Island and visit Pack Creek when it’s open to people, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. All three companies take care of logistics. His head was lobbed low; his rusted muzzle leaked clouds of nasal vapor through quarter size nostrils; and those beady, bloodshot eyes stared through my partner and I. Ted and I found ourselves going “Mano a Mano” with a bear of a lifetime. This Native American culture dates back around 13,000 years, making then contemporaries of the giant short-faced bear. Is the giant short-faced bear still alive out there somewhere, waiting to be rediscovered? To further put this in perspective, regulation height for a basketball rim is ten feet. Above and Beyond Alaska (ABAK) offers a combo kayak-and bear-viewing tour and overnight trips. A previous version of the story published by TruthorFiction.com: Pictures of a Hunter and a Giant 1,600 lb Bear in Alaska–Truth! Where the Americas once held a diversity of predators and prey similar to modern Africa, with the introduction of humans many species declined or disappeared. On all fours, it would have stood eye-to-eye with a grown man. As you said they are less skittish and don't look quite right. To the indigenous Tlingit of southeastern Alaska, naming the area known today as Admiralty Island was easy: Kootznoowoo, meaning "Bear … The bear's skull scored 29 5/16 inches SCI, and tied for number 20 in the record book at that time. In this article, we’ll take a look at the real Arctodus Simus of paleontology, plus some of the stories that suggest it could still be around today. It's probably been 8 years so when I saw this thing I knew it was not a normal black bear in Pennsylvania I've seen more than a few in my time the short faced long legs looked more like a horse crossing the road A Long Gate not a short Shuffle it was nearing fall this bear look like muscle not fat maybe four feet at the back 400 pounds this was no regular black bear deformed Maybe mangy raggedy noThis bear was less skittish that I've ever seen any black bear it's turning to come back up the hill and look at us it's probably why I stillRemember it but again you know it's not a 12 foot 3000 pound bear but not a black bear would be cool to know there's a downsized version of it. Kodiak Brown Bear Permit Areas (GMU 8) Select a "permit hunt area" from the map or from the list of hunt areas below for information on harvest statistics, permit availability, guides, hunt numbers, area description, and … Greive and his team go as deep as possible in the search for Grandfather, the largest bear to ever roam the earth. In addition, Kootznoowoo received the surface and subsurface estate to certain lands and around Angoon including a strip of shore land along Kootznoowoo Inlet, Mitchell Bay and Kanalku. While some researchers are now projecting an earlier date, the Clovis People have long been regarded as the first North Americans. & Fiction! Polar bears are regarded as the biggest modern bear species. Were it alive today we would be wise to give it a wide berth. According to modern science, this massive beast vanished from North America around 11,000 years ago. This is the home of this grandfather bear. There are two pictures of a hunter and a huge bear. With longer legs in comparison to modern brown bears and a leaner, lankier build the short-faced bear may have been capable of reaching speeds as high a 40 miles-per-hour. On the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia locals claim sightings of bears much bigger than the typical local brown bears. Kootznoowoo means “Bear Fort” or “Fortress of the Bears,” and its forests contain the highest concentration of brown bears in … Without valid proof, experts generally write these encounters off as poorly guessed measurements, or perhaps only the tall tales of hunters and outdoorsmen. After the giant bear was killed, according to urban legend, three hikers were found inside the giant bear’s belly. Images are from http://www.flickr.com/photos/tmarschner/2729647854/sizes/o/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/gillesgonthier/1454542931/ Giant Bear Killed in Alaska by Park Ranger-Truth! Copyright © 2021 What's True Incorporated, ‘Antifa Infiltrated Trump Supporters’ Claim During Capitol Riots by Washington Times Apparently Deleted, A Woman Was Shot in Capitol Riots; ‘Roberta Paulson’ Meme Follows, Amid Fascist Coup Attempt, Twitter Cowers From Banning Donald Trump. Did it happen? Large adult grizzly bears stand around nine feet tall, and polar bears are a bit bigger, standing around ten feet. He also says the bear was not shot on Hitchenbrook Island but, like all good hunters, he won’t be specific about where he got it . It would have likely been the same in prehistoric times. Bears are common too, but I see them less often. He once worked at a circuswhere he methis wife Grandmother Bear. Jim Urban said that the bear weighed 1,000 to 1,200 pounds — not 1,600 pounds, as has been rumored. : * They call him Grandpa, he lives in angoon alaska on all fours top his shoulders to ground is 61/2 ft. which means when he stands up on top his head to ground is 13ft His dna tested out as hybrid a mix between Polar bear and Black bear they figure his weight to … Watch as Angie Ryan hunts for a huge brown bear on Kodiak Island for 30 days. On the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia locals claim sightings of bears much bigger than the typical local brown bears. & Fiction! Giant Kodiak bears are the stuff of either dreams or nightmares, maybe both. One specimen of the South American giant short-faced bear unearthed in 1935 may have tipped the scales at a colossal 3,500 pounds! Bergman’s Bear is one such case. Known as the God Bear, this creature is said to have a unique appearance and a massive frame. The bear's most impressive feature was his intimidating set of claws. I have seen such bears in my area as well. The island has more than 2,500 bald eagles, which makes it home to one of the worlds greatest concentrations of nesting bald eagles. Visitation is limited, allowing us to enjoy a wilderness bear viewing experience. In both accounts, the bear weighed a monstrous 1,600 pounds. As they saw it, very little separated grizzlies from men. The temperate rainforests of Admiralty Island's Kootznoowoo Wilderness are unique among the 5,700,000 acres (2,300,000 ha) of federally protected Wilderness in Southeast Alaska.. There are tons of places in and around Juneau to see bears and other wildlife. Fortress of the Bears in Southeast Alaska harbors the largest concentration of Alaskan Brown bears on Earth. The Kootznoowoo wilderness encompasses so much more than lush vegetation and massive brown bears. To make matters worse, this bear wasn’t just huge; it could also run. It’s easy to imagine that any encounters likely would not have ended well for the humans. It says the bear was 12 1/2 feet long and weighed an estimated 1600 pounds. A hunter named Jim Urban, who was there when his buddy shot the giant bear, posted them. Kootznoowoo, Alaska is called that because of the literal translation “Fortress of the Bears” and that’s exactly what it is. cryptid (author) from USA on November 26, 2017: Very interesting, Willard. This place is truly a wildlife viewing haven. Kamchatka Brown Bear: Was this Berman's Bear, or was it something else? Johnny Starlight from Port Orchard on August 13, 2019: Yes. I looked over at Ted who stood between the tree and I. When it comes to massive brown bears, stories abound. The island is home to the highest density of brown bears in North America and the highest density of bald eagles in the world. In case your wondering, a hunter in Alaska shot the second biggest grizzly bear ever recorded in 2014. prehistoric animals that have somehow survived. It would have even tackled a mammoth on occasion, particularly smaller juveniles. By Sergiodlarosa (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons. It would have been an opportunist and a generalist, taking prey items, stealing kills made by other hunters and foraging for grasses, berries, grubs, and other nutrition. The native Tlingít people call this island "Kootznoowoo," meaning "Fortress of the Bear." Another version claimed that a park ranger shot the giant bear after it charged him from 50 yards away. However, due to the exchange of animals migrating between North America and Asia via the Bering Land Bridge during the last ice age, it is not inconceivable that a population of short-faced bear could have ended up on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Kootznoowoo Wilderness, located on Admiralty Island in the Tongass National Forest, gets its name from the indigenous people of southeast Alaska, the Tlingit. Our arms, legs, fingers, toes, ribs, backbone, stomach, heart and genitals are nearly the same, they would say. TruthorFiction.com was able to track down the original photos of the giant bear killed in Alaska, and the hunter who shot it. A pelt, a skeleton, or some other valid specimen may one day show that Arctodus Simus is still alive. At the time, it was reported that an airman hunting on Hitchcock Island killed the giant bear. By comparison, this prehistoric bear would have weighed in around 2,500 pounds. Arctodus Simus would have towered over them all. In the realm of cryptozoology, many legendary monsters are thought to be prehistoric animals that have somehow survived undetected for thousands of years or more. There was no word on how much he weighed, according to Fox News. cryptid (author) from USA on November 07, 2016: @bob: Deer are pretty common where I live and I see them almost every day. So, photos of the giant grizzly bear that was killed in a Alaska that have been circulating for more than a decade are real, but stories surrounding them are false. We see this behavior today, with modern grizzly bears commandeering kills from wolves and cougars. The eRumor says the bear was killed on Hitchenbrook Island by an airman stationed at Elmendorf. An unspoiled wilderness, wild Alaskan brown bears, a great adventure. It never occurred to me it could be anything other than a light-colored, lanky black bear, but now you have me thinking. “Pull the trigger!” I demanded Ted, “Pull the trigger!” The blast of Ted’s .338 Win-Mag rang out and sent a direct hit to the bear’s nerve center bringing him to his hindquarters. The solemn look alone was enough to make one feel threatened, but oddly the bear showed no sign of aggression. Some cryptozoologists have suggested that Bergman’s Bear is actually the giant short-faced bear, which somehow managed to survive extinction in the remote regions of Russia. The giant short-faced bear (Arctodus Simus) was among the most terrifying predators ever to appear on the North American continent. Grandfather Bear (voiced by the late Sean McCann) is Little Bear's maternal grandfather, Father Bear's father-in-law, and Mother Bear's father. Sightings of unusually large bears have driven the belief that somehow Arctodus may still be alive. As it turns out, once science caught up a little, MacFarlane’s Bear was explained quite easily. But, like most good hunting stories, the line between truth and fiction has blurred over time with this one. Is This a ‘Biblical’ Crowd of Trump Supporters in Washington D.C.. It measured nine feet tall, and its skull measured nearly 28 inches. As formidable as these legendary carnivores were, all would have given way to the short-faced bear. His first appearance was in the episode "To Grandmother's House". Has Vice President Mike Pence Unfollowed President Donald Trump on Twitter? A great, giant bear who has survived and prospered for almost 30 years. We now know that grizzly bear / polar bear hybrids are possible, and the result is a creature very similar to the bear examined by Merriam. Photos of a giant bear killed in Alaska first surfaced on a message board in 2004. Earlier studies led researchers to believe Arctodus Simus was a meat-eating specialist. Is this another possible example of Arctodus Simus or some other prehistoric bear appearing in modern times? Two shots to the vitals followed, completely dropping the bear, while a series of three additional rounds provided enough insurance to tame our own racing anxieties. There are two pictures of a hunter and a huge bear. A short, scenic flight from Juneau. They were posted by a hunter who used the nickname  Dalliwacker, on www.assaultweb.net, but who is, according to published articles, Jim Urban. Angoon is located on the western side of Admiralty Island, a place known as “kootznoowoo,” or the “Fortress of Brown Bears”. The area is also known by the native Tlingít people as \"Kootznoowoo,\" which translates to \"fortress of the bears.\" Admiralty Island is home to an estimated 1,600 brown bears (n… No difference in believing in a Bigfoot population and people who swear they've seen them alive and well from Florida to Alaska and all points between. Twain might have accurately described those of us who "believe" there's a remnant Arctodus Simus population out there somewhere. i think they could still be out there because there is still a lot to discover out there and here and everywhere else so i don't see why they could not still be out there even if there not i would still hope there was because it would be cool to see one. As unlikely as it is, the reappearance of an animal thought to be extinct has occurred before. He was found badly mauled but still alive near an inlet to Icy Bay months later. Those colorful “details” have made stories about the giant bear killed in Alaska into urban legend — but they’re not true. However, when the stories are backed by evidence or at least reliable testimony, the issue becomes more interesting. However, some believe it could still exist today in the far northern reaches of the continent. These were large, ferocious prehistoric predators, but even they would not have taken on Arctodus. This bear with yellowish fur and an odd, misshapen skull was killed in northern Canada in 1864. Visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for a complete list of viewing locations. Bear Creek Outfitters trips are shorter and generally have larger groups of clients. Admiralty Island's traditional Tlingit name, Kootznoowoo, translates to 'fortress of the bear.' Twice, the bear broke trip lines set at 6'. He has done everything a male bear strives to do in his life: survive, mate, grow to great size and strength, and even have fun. Angoon is located on the southwest coast at Kootznoowoo Inlet. I think it depends on where you live, and what else lives there. Another example of a mystery bear is seen in the story of MacFarlane’s Bear. While all of the above may have been true, more recent research paints a picture of the short-faced bear as an omnivore, with a diet similar to modern brown bears. By Milaw (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons. These claims are backed by historical accounts of huge, strange bears, and occasional evidence in the form of pelts and other specimens. When the salmon, the bears' main food source, do not return for the first time one summer, the grizzlies must find something else to eat from grass to even Dungeness crabs. The giant bear was walking toward them, so they looped around and waiting for it to approach: Murphy’s Law contended our plan, and unwillingly baffled our strategy! Where we stood not seconds earlier, the brush began to part. They measured between 5 and 7 inches long and were the longest claws that anyone at the Fish and Game office in Kodiak had ever seen on a brown bear. The island's towering cathedrals of old growth Sitka spruce and western hemlock could not be more different from the glaciers and alpine tundra found in nearby Wilderness Areas such as Tracy Arm or Misty Fjords. Brown bears, coastal forests, rocky spires. Fear Island wraps Animal Planet… Ask yourself how many deer that you personally seen in the wild. He railed about giant bears with short snouts before he died of his wounds. And the hunter was not a park ranger, he didn’t shoot the bear as it was charging, and the bear didn’t eat three hikers before it was killed. Pack Creek Bear Tours’ Admiralty Island Bear Tours are the place to see brown bears in … He says that the bear was actually ten feet high and weighed between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds. The temperate rainforests of Admiralty Island's Kootznoowoo Wilderness are unique among the 5,700,000 acres (2,300,000 ha) of federally protected Wilderness in Southeast Alaska. A prehistoric South American giant short-faced bear tipped the scales at up to 3,500 pounds (1,600 kilograms) and towered at least 11 feet (3.4 meters) standing up, according to … Bergman’s Bear is one such case. In that account, Urban wrote that he and a hunting buddy, Ted, found the giant bear walking along a riverbed. He nodded. Rearing up on their hind legs, some specimens would have topped twelve feet tall. Thanks to our readers, the truth about these pictures has been found.

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