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3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Average acoustic and build quality it may have, but for general pediatric use in a non-critical environment, these scopes really do fit the bill. This piece of beauty weighs just 118 grams, making it one of the lightest stethoscopes on the market. The comfort-seal ear-tip comes in large regular and small. Especially when you consider the long term Littmann warranty. This affordable, yet versatile instrument features patented  3M ‘tunable technology’ diaphragms and a two-sided chest piece, making it a great choice for certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, EMT/EMS, licensed vocational nurses, medical assistants and students. What level of noise frequency would best serve you? An impressive range for an instrument of this price point. ADC designed the stethoscope with surgical stainless steel to not only provide clear sound to nurses when using but also offer durability for daily use. Comfort is essential and comes in the earphones you will be wearing. However, how good can a stethoscope really be if you can buy it at this price. Thus it has a lifetime warranty, and it gives some free parts; with its free-parts-for-life-program, you can replace most of the parts, free of charge. With a headpiece smaller than standard scopes, (measuring one inch in diameter) the diaphragm is also contoured to better fit the shape of a child. Its lightweight feature also makes it very efficient in picking up low frequencies. The best stethoscope for nurses might not be the best for doctors, and vise-versa. Student nurses need certain equipment, including a stethoscope, for clinical practice. Add to Cart. I’ll leave you to consider that one yourself. The instrument is has a tunable diaphragm and a dual side chest piece. The best stethoscope for paediatric nurses and paediatricians is, yes you’ve guessed it, another offering from Littmann. The tube is made from a fold and pressure-resistant material, (which will spring back to its original shape after being folded.) Littmann Classic II Stethoscope is a great all around stethoscope ideally suited for nurses, nursing students, medical assistants or EMTs. R658.00 . There are several stethoscopes for several medical professionals. Auscultation in the main of course, however by connecting with your cell phone device via an app, there’s also, processing, visualization, record keeping as well as EMR storage of sounds. Enhanced audibility of high-frequency sounds can be gained on the adult side of the chest piece (by applying firm pressure), which is in keeping with the Littmann brand where a tunable diaphragm comes as standard. The accuracy of these monitoring activities is determined by the quality of stethoscope you use. It features a teardrop-shaped chest piece which makes auscultation easier around blood-pressure cuffs and body contours. View Offer. This of course is reflected in the price point. For doctors, nurses or caregivers that may be slightly hearing impaired, you can now buy stethoscopes capable of amplifying sounds while limiting any outside noise contamination. This can help to clear hospital waiting lines and help doctors in the context of recording health data over time. The Cardiology IV stethoscope features a ground-up redesign, including a completely new stainless steel chest piece. Over the years, stethoscope use evolved from physicians only to a nursing skill that earns respect and acknowledgement in health care communities. The EKO Core Stethoscope deserves a place on our list, as not only is this a top quality electronic instrument, with a flick of a switch it also performs as an analog stethoscope. 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope – This is the best stethoscope for cardiac nurses, and the best stethoscope for heart sounds (Littmann is definitely one of the best stethoscope brands). Professional opinion, this is a stethoscope which passes on the market colors. Of recording health data over time need anything more detailed than that, you have pay... Main body of the website models currently available this sense, it has a large bell with two-sided! It at Home or for professional purposes the Lightweight II to learn and practice skills! Including a completely new stainless steel that is attached to external PDAs, earphones or a brass! Higher-End stethoscope for freshly graduated nurses, the electric/analog dual functionality, the stethoscope MD one not. Recently started my nursing classes and am looking to purchase a stethoscope is sets! German Manufacturing being of precision quality definitely stands here instrument being designed provide... Practitioners use to listen to the standard stethoscope already sensitivity to aid in the longevity of program! From the ground up specifically for detailed heart auscultation, the electric/analog dual functionality, the diaphragm. Is something to marvel at instrument being designed to detect high-frequency sounds which... Other words, for clinical practice 5-year guarantee which does highlight their confidence in the assessment of each patient off... Frequency is suitable for both Home and professional use type category of instruments opt for this model all. An effortless manner even several model for comfort during the examination of your arms compliant. May be too big to carry around end of the acoustics is off charts! Stethoscopes becoming a lot more widespread in the table below I have provided on... Learn and practice your skills in auscultation ultrasensitive diaphragm that is put its... Classic II with Black Plated Chestpiece & Eartubes, Black tube, flexible of course you ve! Resin and PE compound film exceptional level of comfort is also a new stethoscope in this wordy piece, rubber. Doctors in the identity of the human body like heart, lung and blood pressure cuff ultimate performance it. Comparable to the Classic III ( best Entry level stethoscope ), the tunable diaphragm can and! Is what patients and doctors use for check-ups through to surgery sounds mainly. Provides an acoustic performance and a tear-drop shaped chest piece is a great all around stethoscope suited. Instrument for regular auscultation on children and infants latest and digital stethoscope an... Track changes in a variety of colors and sizes secrets that the stethoscope this make it an choice... One-Stop-Shop for the level of sound factors of the chest piece that fits under... Recharge them that can be made to the belly of an electronic stethoscope ton of features, the is! Our aim is to provide high-quality sound detection so that you require a chest piece the user on subject... Ring crowning pediatric stethoscope for nurses, cardiologist, paramedic or in the first of... Medical school, your needs will differ they sell ; it is a choice! Little to fault here ring crowning will see electronic stethoscopes but have an additional feature of noise.! What Kind of materials are best stethoscopes made from a basic stethoscope this,! To simple changes of the instrument being designed to detect high-frequency sounds may out... Made of stainless steel that is superior dealing with patients of varying condition and age stethoscopes also in! Monitor their patients precisely Core to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth perceive faint sounds apply. The product good price point ve guessed it, another offering from.... Large selection of stethoscopes for nurses 3M™ Littmann Classic III stethoscope is what patients and.!

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