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Hada Labo’s “Super Hyaluronic Acid” is an ingredient which runs throughout their entire range. You can gradually layer on other products such as HADA LABO Serum or HADA LABO Cream to see which specific combination of products provides the perfect balance for your … Jessica had some of her favourite blooms incorporated in this bouquets, with David Austin roses, hydrangeas and astilbe. Her bridesmaids wore gowns from Lulus and the halter neck gowns were in a deep autumnal red shade, they looked beautiful and they tied in really well with florals for the day again with hints of the rich tones. Review: HADA LABO Goku-Jyun Premium Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (Toner) My skincare regime Dehydrated Skin , Hada Labo , hyaluronic acid 14th May 2020 14th May 2020 7 Minutes Where to purchase: Available on Yesstyle HERE This wedding was so lovely to do, with camper vans and even a bright red double decker bus and the suppliers for these were www.hilltopclassics.co.uk for the camper van and www.routemaster4hire.co.uk for the big red double decker bus, to take all guests from church in Hope to Tower Hill near Llangollen. If you do one thing for your skin this Christmas, treat it to Hada Labo Tokyo Anti-Aging Super Hydrator Lotion. In terms of Makeup, Jessica wanted to keep it super simple and incredibly elegant, with focus on her eyes and for that I used Charlotte Tilbury shadow with hints from the Pillow Talk range. Carol is one of my preferred hairdressers and you can find her details listed in the hairstylist part of my website. Tracy picked me because I understood and have worked on East Asian brides in the past and knew how to create makeup looks on her eye-shape and this was important to her because, she had Makeup done before but it had never been right. Proudly serving customers since 2017! With devoted users around the world, HADA LABO is the result of more than 100 years of product development and continuous research. Cathryn Kerwin- Rawlinson • Nov 04, 2020. Living here, in air conditioning or with the heating on during winter, in the UK, is the perfect way to dry out your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally occurring in the human body that attracts and binds water. Us… A cold but very crisp and sunny day in late November 2019 for the lovely Lauren who was marrying her Sweetheart and after the wedding she moved to the far north of Scotland where he was being posted with the RAF. Her gown is by designer Madison James and purchased from the Bridal Room in Hoylake, there had to be a couple of amendments to the gown and this was by Lucy Hartshorn Couture. 17% OFF Availability: In Stock *Color *Beauty Mililiter. This wedding was for the lovely Jessica and the prep for this wedding was at historic Dyserth Hall, in beautiful Dyserth which is famous for it's waterfall and close to the North Wales coast. I am quite used to doing large bookings and do them quite regularly and can happily do it in the timescales I am given because I hire assistants to work with me and one being my sister, Jayne who is qualified in Makeup too. For a while I was using what is known as a single molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid (throughout this I am going to start calling it HA) and what the single weight HA does is deal with the surface of skin only and not deeper into the skins layers and because of this I was finding a lot of stickiness. The content on this website is owned by us and our licensors. Feature product: Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion Light 170 Ml The whole styling for Laura really was all about the gentle nod to the season, she opted for a very festive sparkling gold look on her eyes and a slight pop of colour on her lip. The ingredient lists are slightly different, but both contain similar key ingredients: hyaluronic acid, retinol and hydrolyzed collagen to help plump the complexion, leaving it glowing, hydrated and happy. I just loved this wedding, it was a gorgeous day, a happy vibe at prep and working at the most beautiful wedding venue in North Wales. Hada Labo Anti-Aging Hydrator $12 Bedford, United Kingdom. The styling for this day was really all about class and pure elegance and you see this is the styling of the dress and all the little details that went with it. The pharmaceutical scientists at Hada Labo have created power-packed formulations which also include anti-aging hero ingredients such as retinol, … Add … If you are looking for a Bridal Makeup for your 2021 or 2022 wedding, then get in touch and see how I can help you. For her eye makeup we kept it really classic and with her olive colouring I went for a natural brown tone using a palette from Jouer with neutral tones and skin was airbrushed using Airbase Makeup and for her lips we used a nude toned lipstick (sadly I can not remember what we used) Her dress was a beautiful full lace gown which was form fitting with a matching lace cathedral train, this was a Kitty Chen dress purchased from a boutique in Oxton on the Wirral. Her cake which you see in the images above was from Cake Box. £10.05. I am pretty excited that Hada Labo UK has now launched officially! At the beginning of the lockdown I ran out of my usual brand and decided after hearing so much good about the HA from Hada Labo I decided to get myself some and because it has 4 weights of molecules the HA, it penetrates much deeper into the skin and I was seeing much better results from it and I was having no stickiness from it at all. Her gown was absolutely stunning I always love a Maggie Sottero gown, as they definitely have that wow factor this beautiful gown was purchased from Elegance Bridal in Bebington on the Wirral. Carol is someone I work with many times a year for weddings and I really do enjoy working with her and you can find out more about her and how to contact her via my Hairstylist page on the website. I like this packaging because it’s a simple, clean and cute sturdy bottle. Her wedding took place at the local church near to her parents home on the Wirral and then she had her reception at Delamere Manor in Cheshire, this is a gorgeous wedding venue and used to be the home of Gary Barlow from Take That. Read more Serums are the most effective way of incorporating this key ingredient into your skincare routine as it gives an intense shot of the active ingredient, leaving skin instantly plump and hydrated. My favourite Hyaluronic Acid Brand . Hada Lado Hydration Infused with multiple types of Hyaluronic Acid to lock in Hydration for Softer more Hydrated Skin! If you are looking for a Bridal Makeup Professional for your big day then get in touch, I cover North Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire, Lancashire, Wirral, Liverpool, Merseyside and much further afield if requested and I will also cater for Destination Weddings. Her bridesmaids wore very tasteful gowns in navy blue and each dress was slightly different but in the same fabric. I’ve been doing some digging on hyaluronic for a different post coming up next week so I’ll have more to explain then. and she was to join him. I have another blog to create tomorrow evening for another wedding I have done in 2020, who too wanted to go ahead no matter what. Her colour scheme was a baby blue shade and this was in the bridesmaids gowns and in the beautiful bespoke half and half cake created by Sweet Themes cakes. I really do have a fabulous job as a Bridal Makeup Artist and can not wait to get back to doing my job again very soon. Add a hydration step to your skincare regime whatever your age, whatever your skin type. I was booked by Sian who is originally from Hope in North Wales but living now in the South of England where she met her now husband. If you like David's work you can visit his website www.davidconway.photography A special mention to a supplier that I have known for many years and this is Vikki from Sapphire Events who created a lovely table and decorations for their meal in the restaurant at Leasowe Castle. Essentially different variations of super hyaluronic acid, I ordered left to right: The Mist – I travelled with this and used it liberally; The Hyaluronic Moisture Milk – light … An emulsion... HADA LABO  Shiro-Jyun Whitening Lotion (Toner) with Arbutin - 170ml (Yellow label) The newly formulated Hada Labo Shiro-Jyun skin brightening lotion (or toner) contains a medicinal blend of a natural... HADA LABO  Shiro-Jyun Whitening Lotion Rich (Toner) with Arbutin - 170ml The Hada Labo Shiro-Jyun skin brightening lotion (or toner) contains a medicinal blend of a natural high purity arbutin... HADA LABO Shiro-Jyun Whitening Emulsion (Milky Lotion) with Arbutin - 140ml This skin-brightening light textured emulsion is packed with high purity arbutin and nano-hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate and help... HADA LABO Shiro-Jyun Whitening Cream with Arbutin - 50g Contains high concentration of high purity Arbutin to fight dark spots to reawaken dull skin for a bright, radiant and luminous... Hada Labo Shiro-Jyun Premium Whitening Emulsion (Milky Lotion)  - 140mlThis light textured emulsion has a serum-grade formula that is infused with its powerful skin brightening active ingredient to help brighten... Hada Labo Shiro-Jyun Premium Whitening Lotion (Toner) - 170ml (with magenta/pink coloured label) This watery consistency toner contains its powerful skin brightening active ingredient to help brighten and prevent dark spots,... Hada Labo Shiro-Jyun Premium Whitening Lotion (Toner) Rich option  - 170ml This watery consistency Moist/Rich toner contains a powerful skin brightening ingredient to help brighten and prevent dark spots, while... Hada Labo Shiro-Jyun Premium Whitening Lotion (Toner) Rich option  - Refill 170ml This watery consistency Moist/Rich toner contains a powerful skin brightening ingredient to help brighten and prevent dark spots,... © Timeless UK 2021.

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